Unlock your
Inner Golf

Fortify your body and amplify your performance.

Recurring EVENTS

Swing Speed Workshops

  • Identify where speed comes from in the golf swing
  • Learn effective warmups that prepare your body to play golf
  • Use flight scope data to get current club head speed numbers
  • Learn mobility drills that improve club swing efficiency
  • Try an evidence-based speed training program
  • Review and reflect on how to best train for the game!
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More than just the swing

Stronger Body, Stronger Game

Our focus is to fortify the body with the ability to withstand the demands of the golf swing and the golf course.

• Individual Functional Golf Fitness Assessments
• Golf Swing Flight scope Analysis with feedback
• Swing Speed Training
• Flexibility & Stability Improvement
• Strength Training

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Fortify the Body

Fortified Performance adopts a proactive vs. reactive approach to injury through our training philosophy.

• Mobility Training
• Full Body Awareness
• Routine Training Programs
• Improved General Recovery
• Risk Assessment & Prevention

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Movement is Medicine

We are closely partnered with Active Therapy Group, a private sport and orthopedic focused clinic providing direction for recovery and total-body wellness.

• Dry Needling
• Injury Rehab
• Massage Therapy
• Women's Health
• Worker's Comp

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The Performance Process

Full Assessment

TPI Golf Performance Screen + Biometric Speed Training Assessment

Personalized Plan

Recommended set of training sessions with custom exercise routines

Private Training

Private coaching to optimize outcomes. Virtual or in-person

Real Results

Reach your goals and measure your areas of improvement

Featured Products

$ 45.00 USD
$ 100.00 USD
$ 120.00 USD
Fortified Golf Cap
$ 30.00 USD
TPI Golf Fitness Screen and Swing Speed Assessment
$ 150.00 USD
Golf Swing Analysis
$ 150.00 USD
Personalized Golf Fitness Training  Session
$ 90.00 USD
Private Group Golf Fitness Training Sessions
$ 75.00 USD
Elite Golf Athlete Bundle
$ 899.00 USD

Find Your Performance Center

Our primary location is in Waco, TX, with more locations coming soon throughout the US.

Fortified Performance

331 W Hwy 6 Suite G, Waco, TX 76710

+1 (254) 300-1941

Success Stories

We're on your team

My Fortified Experience has empowered me to play 1) better golf and 2) more golf (all after major shoulder surgery). In addition to the better quality golf I am also experiencing a better quality life with the physical training I have received through Fortified. The care and professional mindset of the Fortified Team is unparalleled in Waco, TX.  Kevin Englebrecht

This is been Very rewarding.  Not only is my golf gotten better, but my overall mobility has improved by A LOT.  When I say my Golf has gotten better, I mean it’s gotten a lot better with a lot less effort and my swing actually looks a lot better
Dave Gibson

Amazing team and results speak for themselves. First class swing speeds increased from 111MPH to 124MPH.
Preston Williams